COMPAGNA – Your travel companion

Travel companions for people with disabilities

Caroline is looking forward to her holiday on Lake Lucerne. Although she can only see the park with its beautiful flowers, the deep blue lake and the snow-capped mountains in outlines because of her strong visual impairment, these days spent in very different surroundings are a personal enrichment for her. If she doesn’t know the route or is travelling with luggage, Caroline always allows herself to be accompanied by COMPAGNA. Lars from Lucerne is the ideal companion; he offers security and knows a lot about the country and people of the region.

Travel companions for children and young people

Jeremias spends every second weekend with his father in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Even though the journey from the Züricher Oberland to Lausanne is quite a slog for the 5-year-old, he looks forward to it every time for two reasons: firstly his father and secondly the trip with our travel companion, Rolf. That’s because Rolf is like a surrogate grandfather. He tells stories, reads, and plays with him – in German and French. Rolf acts as the interface between the worlds of Mum and Dad, while at the same time creating some distance and saving both the long journeys.

Travel companions for senior citizens and the elderly

Johanna has been living in a retirement home for several years. She is still able to manage her household pretty well despite various restrictions. Travelling was always Johanna's passion. These days, however, she finds it too difficult to travel alone by public transport. But since Johanna discovered COMPAGNA Reisebegleitung, her horizons have expanded again. This means she now can visit her friend in a nursing home. COMPAGNA also organises her trips to visit her busy daughter in Paris. Plus, the time spent with travel companion Irene makes the journey even more worthwhile.