COMPAGNA – Our services

We organise your trip

We work just like a travel agent. You tell us what you want and we endeavour to fulfil your wishes.

  • We clarify the routes and connections
  • We arrange the tickets
  • We provide a suitable companion
  • We contact the responsible call centre to arrange wheelchair assistance
  • We document all travel details and contacts

To organise your order, we need detailed information about you and your travel needs. It’s best to fill out the registration form. That way we can prepare specifically for a meeting to discuss the details with you.

We need to receive your order in our Operations Centre at least three working days prior to departure. Our services are not for free. However, our rates are very reasonable because social commitment is paramount for our travelling companions. In the price list you will find the costs for our travel companions and the ancillary expenses. For a detailed estimate, please contact the Operations Centre.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.


Numerous institutions have been among our regular clients for many years:

Betreute Ferien Sent
Blaukreuz Ferienzentrum Aeschiried BE
Blindenschule Sonnenberg Baar
Blindenschule Zollikofen
Bomenhof Ferien für Menschen
mit einer Behinderung
Stiftung Lukashaus Stiftung Grabs
Fragile Suisse
Herberge zum kleinen Glück
Kindes- und Erwachsenenschutzbehörden (KESB)       
obvita St.Gallen
Pflege - und Betagtenheim  
Josefshaus St.Gallen
Pro Infirmis
Pro Senectute
Zentrum für Sonderpädagogik Giuvaulta